A film location that is truly unique. Film your TV and movie scenes in a real nuclear power plant.

The Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf is located 50 kilometers northwest of Vienna, the famous capital of Austria. It is the only atomic power plant in the world which was completely built, but mothballed before it was ever put into operation. In a nationwide referendum, the people of Austria said “No” to atomic energy in their country.

For over 30 years, this unique concrete structure was a virtually deserted monument to an atomic legacy never realized and closed to the public. Now it is ready for a new purpose: this very special location can be rented for TV productions, movies, photo shoots, or major events. The building complex, the reactor, the main control center, and many other parts of the nuclear plant are exactly the same as in 1978, when it was built. Then, everything was ready for operation. Today, it is a perfect backdrop for movies and TV films and the only one of its kind in the world.

A very special atmosphere. Containing over 1,000 rooms, surrounded by 10-foot thick concrete and steel walls, the Zwentendorf Nuclear Plant offers an inimitable atmosphere for film teams and photo shoots, impossible to recreate in any studio or sound stage in the world. Even though the technology stems from the 1970s it is by no means outdated. The same style of reactor, such as Isar 1 and Philippsburg 1, are in operation in Germany today.

The entire 60-acres complex can be rented for filming purposes. Besides the reactor itself, the site includes an external building complex with a complete infrastructure that can be used for offices, production facilities, wardrobe, etc. It also encompasses more than several acres of forest and park-like lawns. The nuclear reactor lies directly on the Danube River and, therefore, it too can be easily integrated into all types of production requirements.

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